Solar Energy

Using our pioneering expertise in wind energy as a guide, Guinn has quickly separated itself from other solar energy contractors with superior engineering (through licensed consultants), procurement and facility construction. Guinn has built several systems using varying technology, including Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Photo Voltaic Array (PV) systems. Whatever the size your next solar project may be, Guinn is dedicated to exceeding your expectations through every phase of construction, so that you get the most out of your long-term investment. Our capabilities include, Site Preparation, Site Development, Component Assembly and Installation, Environmental Compliance

Site Preparation

  • Provide services necessary to prepare site for construction. These services include:
  • Coordinate with Owner and general contractor to ensure all permits have been obtained and regulatory requirements met.
  • Verify limits of removal of native vegetation and other environmental compliance.
  • Review SWPPP and prepare for appropriate BMP installation.
  • Research and locate existing utilities, capture and enter locations into digital database for use during construction and for "as-built" documentation.
  • Obtain construction water source and prepare storage/distribution system for construction water.
  • Construct site entrances in accordance with construction documents and SWPPP.
  • Perform site clearing and grubbing to allow construction access.

Site Development

Construct site improvements including:

  • Offsite road improvements, repairs, maintenance
  • Onsite access roads - grading and surfacing
  • Solar Field – grading and surfacing
  • Concrete Tower foundations
  • Pylon construction/modification – onsite fabrication
  • Pylon installation – various methods
  • Drainage facilities
  • Fencing
  • Utility systems including electrical and communication systems trenching and backfill

Component Assembly and Installation

We have assembled, transported and installed solar mirror drive systems and mirrors within strict specifications and schedules.

Environmental Compliance

We understand and embrace the critical nature of environmental compliance in our industry. We routinely provide or participate in:

  • SWPPP compliance and BMP installation and maintenance
  • Dust Abatement – provide compliance with project Dust Control Plan
  • Habitat Conservation in accordance with specific project requirements

Recent Solar Energy Projects